Getting a Job After Completing Your TEFL Certification

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Amy S.

Amy S.

So, you’ve completed the practicum, conquered the course, learned how to become an effective teacher, and received your certificate.  What now?

Well, you have plenty of options.  The first step: weigh your options and decide which path is best for you – maybe you want to teach abroad, or maybe you just want to teach English online, or you may want to use your newfound skills to teach right here at home.  One of the best parts about getting TEFL certified is that you are never limited.

Here are just a few ways to find a job after getting TEFL Certified.


Find a Teach Abroad Provider

If finding a job abroad by yourself is daunting, find a provider! There are numerous programs that can help place you in the right spot.  They’ll typically do all the heavy lifting – help getting your visa, finding a school/job, and helping you find housing. There are typically additional perks like health insurance, a community of other foreign teachers, or at-home support.  This is always a great option!


Browse Open Jobs (And Do Your Research!)

Check out job board websites – these include teaching jobs all over the world! And when you find jobs that look appealing, be sure to do your research. Check reviews online, understand what the visa process is, how long your teaching contract will be, and what the interview process is.


Teach English Online

With millions of people all over the world seeking to learn English, teaching English online is a great option. You can connect with individuals all over the world, directly from your home [or wherever you enjoy working]!  There are numerous providers you can work for. You can find the one that works best for you!


Teach English at Home

Teaching English as a foreign language doesn’t mean you have to teach abroad.  There is a need for TEFL teachers right here at home. You can provide private lessons, teach immigrants, or look into teaching at private language schools or even shelters.  There are opportunities in your local community.


Use TEFL to Travel!

One of the most appealing parts about getting TEFL certified today is that you can use the certificate to work and travel and live abroad. You can hop around from country to country, teaching at schools, tutoring students, or working in private language institutions (again, make sure you do your research and know what to expect in terms of work, visa process, etc!).

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