Five ways a TEFL certification can help any career

Authored By:

Ally Sobol

We think there are endless reasons why you should get TEFL certified, but what benefits can it give you if you're not sure about teaching? At least five! 

Better understanding of English, whether you’re a native speaker or not

It is no secret that English is the global language. Chances are a Frenchman and Japanese native will use English to communicate. So, whether you speak another language or not, getting TEFL certified will give you a deeper understanding of the language you are likely using with most friends, family, and colleagues, regardless of your chosen profession.

Intercultural training

Remember that Frenchman and Japanese native we just talked about? Surprise! Their cultures are very different from each other. How do they have a professional conversation and ensure they are respecting each other’s culture? Intercultural competence and understanding, your best friend when talking to people from other cultures or backgrounds. A good TEFL certification will talk about intercultural training, as it’s so important when teaching English to non-native speakers. Use this training in any field you go in – if you’re working with other people, you’ll need it.

Gain management skills

Okay, you won’t be managing people directly while getting TEFL certified, but you’re going to learn about classroom management and how to manage your students while teaching them. How can this help in other fields you ask? Well, management is management. Once you have the skills to manage a classroom, or students, you’ll be able to transfer this expertise to any job where you manage people.  

Options to volunteer in your community

Wherever you are in your career, adding a line to your resume about volunteering will always be a good thing. Get TEFL certified and teach English in your own backyard to immigrants or refugees. Use your intercultural skills to help them acclimate to life in a new country. Great for your resume, and for your conscience. Who doesn’t love helping people?!

Shows employers dedication and respect

Whether you’re teaching abroad, at home, or online – a TEFL certification will show future employers you took your work seriously. There is a common misconception that speaking English means you can teach it..every English teacher on the planet can tell you with certainty that’s not true. A TEFL certification teaches you how to teach something that comes so naturally to you. By getting certified (whether it’s required or not), your future employers will see you take your work and job seriously, and that goes a long way in any field!