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I arrived in Bangkok two days ago. What a crazy city. So different from what I’m used to that is for sure! I’m loving being able to explore the city, try new foods and take authentic transportation here. What a different way of living it is here. Visited my first authentic Thai temple -what a peaceful experience. I look forward to seeing many many more. All the gold is really beautiful. 

 First thoughts? The rumors are true - it is a full blown sauna here on the regular. But, it’s not that bad! You aren’t really struggling in the heat, but the humidity makes it so you are constantly sweating. Picture a really hot day at Disney world and you’re in Bangkok. ;)

 No stomach sickness yet - so far, so good. Although I’m sure I’ll pay the price tonight for saying that!

 It’s such an interesting time to be here right now because Thailand is celebrating their deceased King all week. The cremation ceremony was Thursday (the day I arrived), which means everyone was wearing black around the streets and most places were closed throughout the city. Some new friends and I walked the streets a bit and luckily found a river taxi service that was open for the day. Everything around the city was free, the river taxi included. Once we made it to the other side of the river we came across lots of huge tents serving free food, again to honor the King. Free bottled water everywhere and Thai iced tea. All was delicious!

 Today is the start of orientation. First up, learning some Thai! I know about three phrases at this point - how are you, hello, and thank you. Need to learn some survival Thai 101 for sure.

 We might try and visit the Chatuchak weekend market. It’s supposed to offer and sell about anything you can imagine! Sounds like my kind of place! I want Thai pants. Tons and tons of Thai parachute pants.

Ta ta for now

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