What is a TEFL Certification?

The First Step to Teaching English Abroad

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A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is the first step to becoming a teacher of English to non-native English speakers and is often required by schools hiring English language teachers. A TEFL certification opens doors to travel and teach English abroad, online, or in your own community to non-native speakers. 

CIEE TEFL’s online courses offer the flexibility of studying when and where you want while networking with classmates and receiving individual feedback from your dedicated tutor. When you earn a TEFL certification with CIEE you will become a more effective and confident teacher, so both you and your students get more from your time in the classroom. Invest in your future with a CIEE TEFL certification that never expires!

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Earn Your TEFL Certification with CIEE


Instead of going through the trouble of  finding the right TEFL course and teaching position, CIEE is conveniently able to place you in both. By having one provider, you can confidently meet all the requirements for your new role, and then some! 


CIEE’s TEFL course will give you valuable knowledge on teaching English language as a foreign language, that includes lesson planning and managing a classroom. By investing time in learning to teach English before you depart, you’ll start your new job completely prepared and confident in your skills.

Provide High-Quality Instruction

With everything involved in moving to a foreign country, it's easy to lose sight of one very important factor: your students.  By choosing to become TEFL with CIEE certified, you’re committing to providing the best possible education to the ones who really matter.

CIEE TEFL Alumni Stats

  • 92%

    Classroom confidence

    Say that the CIEE TEFL course prepared them to teach in a classroom abroad

  • 85%

    Preferred package

    Chose to pair their TEFL course with a CIEE Teach Abroad program

  • 125%

    higher satisfaction

    Reported higher satisfaction teaching abroad when including a CIEE TEFL certification

TEFL Courses for Teaching Abroad


    Our flagship TEFL course for teaching English abroad.

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    Our introductory TEFL course, ideal for someone looking to learn what TEFL is about.

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    150-hour online TEFL course followed by 30 hours of age specialization training.

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