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Ana Gabriela C.

Hometown: Merida, Yucatán , Mexico

I’m Ana, i was born on may 8, 2002, I’m excited to share my experience and I consider my self; a happy girl who loves to go out with friends, study and have a great time, I love to play sports, spend time with my family and know new people 


Returning back home

By Ana Gabriela C.

It is always hard to think about going back home when I feel that I am at home, leaving a life that I built in 10 months its definetly hard... keep reading

Last little moments!

By Ana Gabriela C.

it is so weird to me thinking about leaving the U.S one day, leave this life that I made in 10 months and start living again the life that I... keep reading

Positive mind, Positive life.

By Ana Gabriela C.

On this blog post, I'm going to talk about my experience with my host family and local coordinator. I just remember that day when I received the mail... "You have... keep reading

January Post!

By Ana Gabriela C.

I'm gonna talk a little about the school in general, my school in Mexico is so different from my school here in Alaska. I really love the school here because... keep reading

A little mix of emotions!

By Ana Gabriela C.

It's been a long time since I came here and I just really feel at home. I just want to share with you guys the amazing Thanksgiving that I had... keep reading

Living the dream.

By Ana Gabriela C.

I still remember the day when I said goodbye to my family and left my country to live a unique experience, so suddenly the first 3 months flew by and... keep reading

A month full of happiness !

By Ana Gabriela C.

I do not know how to start this month's blog! I have lived so many incredible moments and I feel very happy being here with my family and friends, September... keep reading

The beginning of the adventure

By Ana Gabriela C.

Getting ready to come to the US! Since I decided to study in the USA for a year and live a different experience, I felt very excited, filling out the... keep reading