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Ana Gabriela C.

Ana Gabriela C.

I'm gonna talk a little about the school in general, my school in Mexico is so different from my school here in Alaska. I really love the school here because there are so many choices of classes that you can choose, they have a lot of fun classes also! There are classes that you can take with people from different grades and some other classes just with your grade, you also can choose what science or what history class you wanna take, and that is so cool for me because in Mexico is the opposite; you have mandatory classes every year and all the girls take the same, also we stay in one classroom all day and here you change every period. My school also is just girls and I really like to be in a school with boys this year because of its fun and it's nice to meet a lot of new friends in the school and not just outside. My favorite class is yearbook because I made so many friends there and its a really fun class, and you can go to school activities like sports and take pictures. The tests in the school are a little difficult but really just in some classes like English and US history, some other classes change the final test for a project and you just need to put effort to get a good grade, I'm so excited because this new semester I have different classes and I'm gonna play soccer that is my favorite sport.

If you want to be an exchange student and you are a little nervous about the school and the classes, it will be fine, the school and the teachers are always so nice with exchange students and there are so many choices for you to pass your classes.

Also this winter break I have been having so much fun with friends and family, I cannot be happier here.


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