Returning back home

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Ana Gabriela C.

Ana Gabriela C.

It is always hard to think about going back home when I feel that I am at home, leaving a life that I built in 10 months its definetly hard, so many moments, friends, adventures and new experiences are just gonna still in my heart and pictures.

For me it was so hard to leave my host family and Local Coordinator, because they were always there for me when I needed. My Local Coordinator was my second mom during the whole year, she was always there when I needed help, rides and help to resolve problems with my family and school, she is now such an important person for me and she will be always a main piece that made my exchange year such an amazing year.

My host family is definitely the best part of my year, I will be always so thankful with them and it was so hard to say goodbye at the airport to my host parents and host brother. Then my hardest goodbye was my host sister. Then, she came to Mexico for 2 weeks as well as other 3 friends. We had a blast and I had the opportunity to show my friends my lifestyle in my home country. After having a blast with my friends the moment of saying goodbye arrived and it was so hard but we promised each other see again sooner than we know.

I think after being one year living in Alaska that it is a completely different place than where I live here in Mexico. There was definetly a shock reverse but with the time I was starting to get used to it again. So yes it was difficult the first days but then everything go back to normal.

After my exchange I don't feel that my personality or attitude changes but definetly I feel more mature and independent and I feel that now I appreciate more the small things. I recommend so much this experience to everybody because it is somethig that you can only live once and high school is such an amazing experience. 

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