Living the dream.

Authored By:

Ana Gabriela C.

I still remember the day when I said goodbye to my family and left my country to live a unique experience, so suddenly the first 3 months flew by and I can not be happier and grateful with all the people I've met here in Alaska! I still remember that first day of school in which I was nervous because I did not know anyone and suddenly some girls approached me, the same ones that now are for me my sisters and I feel that I know all my life, only thinking that one day I'll have to let these beautiful people make me very sentimental.

But how am I going to enjoy if I'm just thinking about what's going to happen? I've always thought about what to live each moment and be ready for everything October has been a very fun and happy month, full of memories and activities; at school we had the week of spirit week and we were dressed in different ways during the 5 days, it was also the football playoff and we used pink pompoms and pink ribbons to support women with breast cancer.

The school in general is a happy place for me, the teachers are very nice and I love the variety of classes, sometimes it is difficult to understand everything for me especially in history and biology but the teachers are always there to help you understand and to that you do well in the tests. Now speaking in general about joining and going to school activities, I think the best way to have fun is to get involved with your school, going to see games is very fun and it's a good opportunity to meet people, lately I've been to parties and hockey and volleyball and I have loved it. I do not want the 7 months that I have left to continue happening as fast as this one, but I am ready to enjoy everything.

Two weeks ago it was the first snowfall in Alaska and it was also my first time seeing the snow and I was very excited, I enjoyed my brother all afternoon and we played in the snow snowboard, slide and cross country sky, it was a lot of fun, it also makes a I saw nNorthern Lights for the first time, I am simply in love with Alaska of its people and its nature, I could not have touched a better place. Halloween was fun too, my sister and I went to a costume party with friends from school and it was a lot of fun. I am very excited for Thanksgiving, which is what follows, more because we are going to Michigan and I am going to meet the whole family of my host family. For now I am happy enjoying the snow, the aurora borealis, the cold and all this nature so beautiful and different from my country.