A little mix of emotions!

Authored By:

Ana Gabriela C.

It's been a long time since I came here and I just really feel at home.

I just want to share with you guys the amazing Thanksgiving that I had. My host family and I went to Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. The first 4 days we went to my host dad family and we did an early Thanksgiving there, we enjoyed so much be in family and share experiences, also I was feeling so comfortable in that family and I'm really glad to have the opportunity to meet that people. We enjoyed our days there, we went shopping, we make Christmas cookies and candies, we also made Christmas decorations all together as a family.

After those days we went to my host mom family in Monroe and I meet al the cousins and we have a blast. We went to Black Friday shopping, we watched movies together, we went to an escape room and it was so much fun, we really have a great time. The Thanksgiving night I had a little of homesick, I feel because it was a really familiar moment and just saw all the family reunited remembers me a lot my family, but then my host sister distract me doing stuff and I just put the smile in my face again. It was a really fun trip.

A completely different story that just happens a couple days ago... On Thursday, November 29 i just went to bed so happy because that night I just talk with my parents and on Friday we suppose to go o take winter pictures and do fun things... so I just wake up on Friday and put my favorite new sweaters and boots on and my brothers and I we went to the school normal like whatever another day. In my English class, I'm reading a different book than the rest of my class, so my teacher asks me if I want to go the library to be more comfortable and in a quiet environment so I said yes. And I went to the library and I just was sitting in a table doing my assignment when from anywhere I just start to feel something so weird and I was scared. I just saw all the books fell from the bookshelves and I was really scared at that moment, more because I was not in my class with my classmates I was with new people. So yes on November 30th I had my first earthquake and it was a big one with 7.2 of magnitude, the hours after the earthquake was so bad, we get a lot of aftershocks and everything was terrible, destroyed, the darkness just came in one second to stay for a lot of hours, I just think that the earthquake was the scariest situation that I live in all of my life. That night was the worst, we slept my sister and me together but the aftershocks were so big and I was completely terrified, that night was one of the longest nights in my whole life. 

But then I just remember that we are vulnerable, sometimes just bad things happen but always we need to stand up and continues their life, I'm sure that this natural disaster was so bad for all the Alaska people but we learn a lot and we grew and now we have such an experience to share. Yes, I was so scared but I'm so proud that I reacted at that moment and now I continue living the rest of my best year.

Now after everything we are getting ready for Christmas, putting all the decorations, buying presents, and I'm so excited for the winter vacations to do a lot of fun things with my family and friends.