A month full of happiness !

Authored By:

Ana Gabriela C.

I do not know how to start this month's blog! I have lived so many incredible moments and I feel very happy being here with my family and friends, September was a month full of emotions.

I'll start with the Homecoming: weeks before the dance I went shopping in Anchorage with my friend, we bought beautiful dresses and heels, also taking advantage of the fact that we went to the mall to buy clothes for the cold, makeup, etc. We had an amazing time

A day before the Homecoming dance I went to the football powderpuff game and saw my friends play, then we stayed in a bonfire that the school organizes and it was super fun.

During the whole week of homecoming was "spirit week" and every day we were dressed in a way, Alaska day, tye dye, socks with sandals and class colors. No doubt it will be a week that I will never forget.

But it was so exciting for me that Friday came the day of homecoming dance, coming out of the cheerleading training we went to my friend's house to dress, makeup and prepare, before going to the dance we took lots of pictures and the dance was super fun, It was one of the best nights of my life.

The next day very early was the homecoming game and it was very fun too, we prepared a dance for half-time and it was a success

The weeks went by and I enjoyed a lot with my host family going to my little brother's football games, going hiking, going pick-it-farm and we had a great time, we had a great time together with everyone.

Another thing that happened to me this month, what happened was "senior night" from cheerleading, I loved that night, we recognized all the seniors and we walked together with our parents and the most exciting thing was that they gave me a surprise and let me cheer with the varsity team, I was also the flyer.

In general, this month was completely amazing and full of good moments that are stored in my heart and in pictures forever.

My goals for my next months in the United States is to enjoy every moment, make more friends, enjoy the coming Halloween and keep enjoying this year and keep memories forever!

 "if all the months that are to come are as wonderful as the one that ends, I do not know how my heart will support so much happiness"