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  • Memorable Moments in Tokyo
    By Curtis Wright at CIEE
    Yesterday was our last full day in Tokyo. We took advantage of the time we had in the morning by doing our laundry at the local laundromat and getting our...keep reading
  • Visitas a los Museos
    By Nhora Gomez-Saxon at CIEE
    What our students said after visiting El Prado y Reina Sofia in Madrid: "I learned about Guernica in my Spanish class, but I never realized how huge it is. It...keep reading
  • Going Out in Groups
    By Karen Hendrickson at CIEE
    Quick blog post here! One of the things we ask the kids to do before they go out in small groups is to snap a photo of the people in...keep reading
  • Escape!!!!
    By Anne Lawrenson at CIEE
    This week students got to use the French skills they have been perfecting to play an escape game! This was a new experience for everyone, as no one had done...keep reading
  • Coming to Terms with the Past
    By Amanda Henderson at CIEE
    This past week, students were able to expand their knowledge of Germany’s history in relation to World War 2 and focused specifically on Hitler’s rise to power and the Holocaust...keep reading

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