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Tokyo or Bust (Part 1)

By Larry Bogan at CIEE

After spending a week getting our feet wet in Kyoto, we headed to Tokyo to really dive into Japan's Gaming Culture. It was overwhelming in the best possible way! The... keep reading


Memorable Ending of First Week

By Jemmy De Leon at CIEE

Fun morning at Accion Callejera In the afternoon, students had a class in which it was discussed how to identify power and how can it be used positively and negatively... keep reading


A Choco-Story: The Chocolate Museum of Uxmal, México

By Amanda Anderson at CIEE

A visit to the interactive, outdoor Choco-Story museum of Uxmal shared with students the history of cacao, including its cultural significance to the Mayan people. Students were able to explore... keep reading


Recap of the first week by student Alex Conlon

By Maria Celeste Barquero Luna at CIEE

The first week of Climate Change Mitigation Program Session 1 is almost over. It has been a week full of knowledge about our surroundings, our carbon footprints, climate change, an... keep reading


Shopping at Mercat de l'Olivar

By mariah Usseglio at CIEE

Day 2 and off to the well-known Mercat de l'Olivar. From fresh fruit to cured "jamon," this market sells everything and more! Students were given the task of communicating with... keep reading

La Dolce Vita

By Nicole L.

Ciao Regazzi e Benvenuti a Roma! Our Connecting Arts group has hit the ground running these past days as we started classes, and have explored Rome. On Tuesday, students started... keep reading


Fun on the water

By Crissy Matlick at CIEE

Today was gorgeous and sunny. We had a great class with a guest speaker, teaching us about Amsterdam as a Smart City. Followed by an amazing linch at the Foodhallen... keep reading


Arrival and Introduction to Life in Santiago, DR

By Megan Hoeffler at CIEE

Our first days in Santiago, Dominican Republic were filled with Jugo de Chinola (passion fruit juice), get to know you games, and adjusting to our homestays. Homestays Participants arrived Sunday... keep reading


Welcome to Berlin!

By Emily Griggs at CIEE

Global Entrepreneurship Session 1 is off to an epic start! Students arrived Sunday morning and wasted no time getting to know each another over icebreakers, card games, and a pizza... keep reading


When in Rome: Primi Giorni

By Gabrielle Bruestle at CIEE

Ah, Rome—where history breathes through every cobblestone and gelato is considered a legitimate meal. Your child has just embarked on their three-week Roman adventure, and while you're navigating the peace... keep reading


Cultural Fusion Fest in Yokohama

By Julia Nawa at CIEE

It feels like we just got to Tokyo and now week one is officially over; time really does fly by when you're having fun! For groups 3 and 4, we traveled to Yokohama this weekend for a one day adventure in Japan's second biggest city.


Let's make gnocchi!

By Jane Kuntz at CIEE

Ciao da Roma! What a busy first week here in Rome! Our students have settled into their host families and are quickly learning about the city and the language. While... keep reading


Nothing’s “butter” than French desserts!

By Stephanie Kimlicko at CIEE

On Wednesday afternoon, students in the Honors Language and Culture program participated in a cooking workshop. They made two specialities from the Brittany region: “petits sablés bretons” (small butter cookies)... keep reading


Searching for the Best "Purin"!

By Abigail Drivdahl at CIEE

I love Japanese pudding (プリン). I will wander through every Japanese convenience store looking for my favorites and trying new ones, and it is a neverending source of marvel to... keep reading


What's It Like to Do High School Summer Abroad in Morocco?

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

"If you have the opportunity to do something like this, definitely do it." Christine C., 16, and Mohamad H., 17, flew across the Atlantic this past summer to improve their Arabic language skills in the capital of Morocco. Here's how they describe their program.