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Teach In South Korea Program South Korea
Hometown: Hutto, Texas


Who am I?

Darlin' that is a question I am still asking myself. That being said, here is the story I have written so far. I grew up in Texas (the greatest country ever), with a massive family. I am the middle child of 5 sisters and one brother, needless to say life growing up for me was never a dull thing. My family comes from a little bit of everywhere but mostly the east coast and Texas. Which means I got to grow up traveling a ton and enjoying my fair share of family road trips. That love of travel has followed me into adulthood and is a large part of who I am now. I am the loudest and proudest member of the Fighting Texas Aggie class of 2018! Translation, I am a graduate from Texas A&M University, with a B.A. in History. Recently I have embarked a new adventure, teaching English in South Korea! I have no experience in teaching English as a foreign language but I cannot wait to see what this adventure holds. For me this blog  is a way for me to stay connected while I am abroad and share my experiences with my friends and family. I love writing about my passions, what interest me, and my travels. I am excited to be a part of this program and I can't wait to share my experiences with y'all. I will be in the Gyeonggi province around Seoul. I hope you enjoy browsing my page and all of the unique content I have to offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover a lush new world for yourself. Read on and enjoy!



The Pros and Cons of Teaching in South Korea

By Noelle E.

The Good, The Bad, and The Life Changing There are many different aspects that need to be considered when you decide to live abroad. You have the pros to think... keep reading

An EPIK Orientation!

By Noelle E.

Landing in Korea was a whirlwind of sights and sounds. Everywhere I turned there were bright and colorful signs in a language I have yet to fully learn. I got... keep reading

Benefits of Getting Your TEFL Certification with CIEE

By Noelle E.

Benefits of getting your TEFL certification with CIEE Over the last few months and weeks I have shared with friends and family the next step in my life, teaching English... keep reading

Taking a Chance or How I Decided to Teach in South Korea

By Noelle E.

The thought of spending a year away from my family and everything I am familiar with is daunting. Having to pack up your life in maybe one or two bags... keep reading

Things I wish I'd known....Application Edition (EPIK)

By Noelle E.

A little bit of advice on the EPIK Application for Teach South Korea

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