Benefits of Getting Your TEFL Certification with CIEE

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Benefits of getting your TEFL certification with CIEE

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     Over the last few months and weeks I have shared with friends and family the next step in my life, teaching English in South Korea. This is a VERY BIG step not only for me but for my family as well. Neither I nor any of my siblings have ever lived so far from our family, at least not like this, before. I have had to do a ton of research and background work to make this go as smoothly as possible. One thing I constantly keep getting asked by friends, besides “do you even know Korean,” is why am I doing this? There is no simple answer to this question. In my life a desire for adventure, a love of learning, and a need to see the world have been staples, going to Korea to teach embodies all of these. They have a long interesting history that just begs to be discovered! By signing up for this program I have been able to gain new and useful tools that will help me in teaching abroad but also if I decide to pursue other career paths outside of teaching English overseas.

1.Applying your new skills right away

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    If you apply to the Teach in South Korea program, the TEFL certification is a must. As with all things do your research, depending on your program whether through CIEE, another program, or on your own, you need to do your research on the country you are looking at going to. Not all of them will require you to have a TEFL certification. One thing that is great about the Teach South Korea program is that the TEFL certification is included. When I applied to the program I chose to leave in February which means I was going to have to get mine done ASAP. With the help of my advisor and my tutor I’ve been able to finish just in time! This also means that I will be able to use the things I learned in my course almost immediately upon arrival. I am so excited to get to go to Korea and experience their culture first hand! Getting my certification was just a step on my way to getting to see and experience a new way of living.

2. A Tool in your Utility Belt  

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    It will probably one of the biggest tools in your utility belt. In the CIEE program you learn so many great things that you as a teacher will be reliant on but also will help make your lessons dynamic and engaging. Translation: this will BENEFIT your STUDENTS. As a tool it can open doors! Yes, if I decide that Korea isn’t my speed or I want to see another part of the world I can apply with no worries knowing that I have already gotten my certification. I might need to add more certifications for other countries but ultimately the minimum requirements are your bachelors and TEFL. Did you know that it could also open up opportunities here in the states? Having your TEFL enables you to teach english in private language schools here in the US. There are a number of people in the US looking to better their english and your experience abroad could also be beneficial if you are able to learn the language of your host country.

3. Practical

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     On a more personal note, I don’t know if I will be teaching abroad for a number of years but I would love to do further work on the international side of things. Getting my TEFL is largely practical for me. I am beyond excited to be teaching in South Korea, I can’t wait to learn some more Korean (I’m still attempting to figure out their alphabet), and just getting that international adventure under my belt! My future goals are up in the air right now but I know international experience is a must and I am one of those people that tries to have my toolbelt as full as possible.

     Over all the TEFL certification course has been both challenging and insightful. I got to brush up on techniques I had previously been exposed to but I also got to learn new concepts I had never heard of before. While I can’t wait to get to Korea, meet my students, and try some great street food, before taking my certification course I was really nervous. Now having my course finished and behind me I feel much more confident and capable when thinking about my first day in class.