Things I wish I'd known....Application Edition (EPIK)

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Let me just start by saying that so far the application process with CIEE has been pretty darn straight forward. My adviser has been super easy to work with and way more helpful than I could have ever expected(THANKS KATY!). That being said, there are still things I wish I would have know ahead of time, rather than learning them as I went. So from me to you here are the things I wish I would have known....
Pretty self explanatory. There are a lot of things that will need to be done in order to apply to CIEE, probably any program you go with, make sure you get all those steps taken out as much as you can ahead of time. Because once you get accepted there are going to be many other hoops you need to jump through before getting placed and you want to make sure you aren't rushing those steps.
2. GET COPIES,Copies, copies
Going hand in hand with getting that application in early there are pieces to that application I would suggest getting copies of. Those things are your letters of recommendations (ask your advisor what the schools your applying for will want on those letters so you aren't scrambling to get them redone), passport image copies, basically just get copies of everything just to keep in your own records. It is better to be prepared if you ever need it.
There are going to be a lot more costs than you initially think once you pay that down payment. In the grand scheme of things they aren't bad but it does pay to be prepared. Just to give you an idea:
FBI background check: -finger prints $22
- mailing it to the the background check place $7
- charge from the background place $40-60 (I got a second copy and had it expedited which factors into the cost.)
- Sending it to get apostilled $40-60 (again depends on who you use. The state fee is $8 across the board) (I used USLEGALIZATION and it only cost about $48 with handling fees)
Transcripts: You will need Official copies of all your transcripts from the colleges you have attended. I having been lucky enough to attend three different schools I have had to order three of them. If your universities are anything like mine I paid about $10 for each transcript I had sent out.
Doctor/medical Check: This cost will depend on your insurance and your doctor. For me I pay about $30 for a basic check up
There are more costs that I am still working on at this point, as they come I will update
This one is a surprisingly big deal. I chose the EPIK route and there are a million hoops it seems to jump through. That being said it is worth it! Because even if you don't get a position at a public school you can save your application and reapply again without having to fill it out again (maybe some minor edits). Bonus what you turn in for EPIK will be more than enough for the private schools.
- for EPIK you have to create a lesson plan (don't be afraid to ask your advisor for help with this part, mine gave me a lot of help!)
- You will also have to put every single school you have ever been to (I mean literally) elementary- college.
- With this you will also need to get official transcripts from all your colleges after your interviews
- I also recommend that you get notarized copies of you diploma from college (most colleges will be able to get you notarized/official copies, contact your schools registrar)
- The EPIK application also requires a picture (please make sure it is appropriate, in Korea it is frowned upon to have your shoulders on display so do your research on the country you are applying with and what they consider appropriate)
- For the EPIK application you will need to have a small lesson plan created. There are a TON of sites like Pinterest or teacher co-ops that have lesson ideas on pretty much anything you could think of. USE THESE!
- Your advisor is also a good source many have been here before and they have valuable advice to give on what you should include or if you are stumped.
- Don't do what I did and mail your transcripts directly to CIEE because the staff there will open them, even if they are official ones and are addressed to someone specifically.
- Do order them sent to yourself and send them all in one envelope or better yet email your advisor and ask them how you should proceed they will know how you need to label them so they don't get opened and into the right hand.

That is all I have for now