Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea
Kruschef Sanchez

Kruschef S.

Teach In South Korea Program South Korea
Hometown: Brodheadsville, PA

Hi! I'm from a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by forests and mountains. I have found myself in a similar situation here in Daejeon! Before coming to Korea, I was a high school mathematics teacher in the Boston area and an educator in Brooklyn. I graduated with degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering before deciding to shift my focus to education. I've been in education for 4 years before deciding on a change of location. I'm an avid motorcyclist and film photographer and have found fantastic opportunities for both here in South Korea. 


Gamcheon, the town of and for modeling your friends

By Kruschef S.

Considering making your way to Gamcheon? Get there early to beat the crowd and get lost quickly to take some of the best photos of your time in Korea. The little town by the water is a great stop to make for any weekend trip to Busan.

Yes, better than the others? It's Daejeon!

By Kruschef S.

A quick love letter for my home away from home. Daejeon is a hop, skip and a jump from everywhere in South Korea, and has everything my lifestyle needs. I hope you consider Daejeon for placement!

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