Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea

Hyosam J.

Teach In South Korea Program South Korea


Best Bars in Hongdae

By Hyosam J.

Hongdae, the neighborhood surrounding Hongik University in Seoul, is famous for its art scene, cafes, shopping, and nightlife. The first two times I went to Hongdae I went clubbing at... keep reading

How To: Learning Korean While Teaching Abroad

By Hyosam J.

There are countless reasons to learn the local language when living in a new country. Befriending locals and better understanding the nuances of the culture are just a few of... keep reading

Benefits of Choosing to Teach Abroad in South Korea

By Hyosam J.

For those who are interested in Korea, teaching here is a unique opportunity for personal growth through immersion in a new culture and its people. Outside of the cultural aspects... keep reading

Top Trips to Take While Teaching in South Korea

By Hyosam J.

Living in South Korea as an EPIK teacher offers numerous travel opportunities both domestically and internationally that I never could have experienced while living in the US. Within my short... keep reading

Living in Gangwon Province

By Hyosam J.

Gangwon-do is a mountainous province in northeast South Korea. Just a few hours from Seoul, many Koreans come to Gangwon province for vacations, hiking, skiing, to go to the beach... keep reading

What’s It Like Teaching English at a Public School in South Korea?

By Hyosam J.

Children run by yelling “Hello teacher!” one after another as I put on my work slippers. There are many differences between schools in the US compared to South Korea. I... keep reading

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