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Frida Bossen V.

West Monroe, LA, Louisiana, United States
Hometown: West Monroe, LA

Hi, I'm Frida from Denmark, where I was born in 2002. This year I'm an exchange student in Louisiana, USA. I will stay here for 10 months, and hopefully experience a whole lot of things, that will make my year fantastic. I'm excited for you to read my blog posts! 




A Never Ending Story

By Frida Bossen V.

Returning home was hard, as you may can imagine. It wasn’t so much the airport, yes it was hard, but what was harder, was the month before my departure. I’ve... keep reading

Was it too Easy?

By Frida Bossen V.

Was it too easy? How do I get ten months of experience down to one post? Impossible, but only till it’s done, right? Let’s go back to where it all... keep reading

Cherish Every Moment

By Frida Bossen V.

I’m now at the point in the year where I only have one month left of school! As much as I look forward to Summer Break, I’m also very emotional... keep reading

Make Every Day Count

By Frida Bossen V.

It is weird knowing I only have three months left. Before my exchange year started it seemed like ages before the time to go to the States would come, and... keep reading

Welcome to my Second Family

By Frida Bossen V.

Let me introduce you to my host family, since it’s one of the biggest part of your exchange year, and therefore also a big part of you. I have a... keep reading

Life as a High School Student

By Frida Bossen V.

The winter break is just about to end, and soon we will be back at school, and real life hits again. It’s with both happiness and sadness I go back... keep reading

Make it a December to Remember

By Frida Bossen V.

Christmas is just around the corner, which is my favorite holiday at all time. I love everything about christmas; the food, christmas light, homemade cookies, the family get to together... keep reading

Different Doesn't Mean Wrong

By Frida Bossen V.

Many things have been different here in the U.S since I came, but especially the school. Some things have been hard to adjust, and then there's other things I love... keep reading

To Be a Part of a Team

By Frida Bossen V.

Two months has gone by now, and it has been two really good months. I'm getting used to the school, which is very different from my school back in Denmark... keep reading

The Start of Something Good

By Frida Bossen V.

My last week before leaving Denmark was filled with a lot of plans. Everyday I had to meet up with somebody, or visit a person. Mostly because it was important... keep reading

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