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Cristina P.

Onalaska, WI, Wisconsin, United States
Hometown: Milan, Italy

Hey I'm Cristina! I'm a foreign exchange student in America from Italy and I'm living my dream. I'm staying in Wisconsin, a cold state on the border of Canada, and I am in love with it!


How I connected with my local coordinator

By Cristina P.

The first day I arrived here in Wisconsin I knew already that my local coordinator was going to be amazing! She came to the airport to welcome me and the... keep reading

How to get through school in your host country

By Cristina P.

"I barely know how to study in my native language, how am I supposed to get through school in my host country?!" That's a question that popped in my head... keep reading

My Thanksgiving Break!

By Cristina P.

This year I celebrated for the first time Thanksgiving! I always dreamed about it, when I was still in my home country, when I thought of my exchange program, I... keep reading

Being involved at school and making friends

By Cristina P.

The scariest thing for exchange students has always been being alone the first day of school and eating lunch in the bathroom. The truth is that it's up to you... keep reading

Homecoming week and weird assemblies

By Cristina P.

The second week of school, from the 10th to the 15th of Semptember, was the homecaming week, also called HoCo week. We don't have anything like that in Italy and... keep reading

Orientation in New York City

By Cristina P.

The 21st of August was the day I left my italian life to begin my American dream. I had to wake up at 3 AM to say goodbye to my... keep reading

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