Homecoming week and weird assemblies

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Cristina P.

The second week of school, from the 10th to the 15th of Semptember, was the homecaming week, also called HoCo week. We don't have anything like that in Italy and it was very weird but also very fun. Each day you had a theme: Monday was pajama day, Tueasday was beach day, Wednesday was jersey day, Thursday was "blackout" day and Friday was "OnaPride" day, which basically is spirit day named after our school. To be honest I didn't always follow the theme; I didn't wear my beach outfit cause I didn't have anything appropriate and on Thursday I had to get my yearbook's picture taken and I didn't want to be all black. Other than that I had fun deciding my outfit and I like the concept of theme days. The best day was the spirit day! My school's color is purple and on Friday all you saw in the hallways and in class was that color.

On Monday and on Friday we had two assemblies in the gym: on Monday it was just an introduction where they explained some things about the week coming. It was weird, the teachers were dressed up and they walked in the gym with the music; I could never imagine a thing like that in my home country! Friday instead was a very easy day, we did just half an hour lesson for each class and at the end of the classes we had this big assembly where they showed "the senior video", a video that some seniors filmed and edited and it is a thing that they do every year. It was very fun, the band played some music and we sang our school song! After that we did a parade where if you wanted to could walk or drive around the block with the other students. I was in a car with some of my friends, we played some music and we went around the neighborhood. I loved that day. 

That night there was the HoCo football game which is a normal game but with more spirit because of the "homecoming" tag. The band played and they did a little show, the dance team cheered and we screamed! We won the game and because of that all of us students ran into the field toward the football players. Then my friends and I went to Applebee's to eat something and to celebrate. 

It was then Saturday night and it was the day of the dance. I didn't go out with some of my friends before the dance as people use to because I organized with my host sister to go to the party together and so we did. It was fun but not what I expected; it wasn't a big deal, I had high expectations but it was just a chill thing.

I had fun anyway and I think that it was a great experience! I can't wait to do other fun things, also because it's hard sometimes to not think of your homecountry and of your friends and family and the best thing to do when you feel sad is keep yourself busy and do something new, or at least that's what I experienced so far!

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