Local Coordinator!

Authored By:

Julia S.

Hey everyone!

In today's post I would like to tell you more about my local coordinator! If you don't know what a local coordinator is, he or she will have a huge importance in your exchange year! Every local coordinator coordinates some exchange students from an area and always check if everything is going well with your host family at your school, if you have any problems with anything, you, for sure, can tell to your coordinator and she will help you!

Also, the local coordinators usually plan some events where you can get to know other exchange students from the area!

My local coordinator is amazing and we did so many things together! A couple times we went over to her house and had a potluck, every exchange student brought a typical food from their home countries, and it was just so fun to try little things from all around the world!  

Our next meet will be for a Capitol Tour and I can't wait!

Happy Valentine's day to you all!