My Thanksgiving Break!

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Cristina P.

This year I celebrated for the first time Thanksgiving! I always dreamed about it, when I was still in my home country, when I thought of my exchange program, I always fantasized about Thanksgiving and all of those traditions that you always see in movies but that you never experienced.

It was exciting, we got to eat turkey, pumpking pie and cranberry sauce as a tradition and I had fun! We got five days off school and I got to relax and hang out with friends. Indeed during black Friday I hung out with a friend and we went shopping at the local mall. I actually expected more people to be there but instead, and I'm not complaining, it wasn't too bad! The day after, on Saturday, I went to Madison, WI with a friend of mine and her brother to see a Badger game! It was University of Wisconsin against University of Minnesota. It also was the last game for the band major and that made it more fun! The band did a show and it was very exciting, even though it was very cold! The game ended pretty badly for us but it was fun anyway.

During this break I got to experience a lot of American traditions and it was so much fun. Discovering more about American culture was one of my goals for this year and I'm very happy I got to learn so much about it in just five days! I'm looking forward to find out more, maybe Christmas and new year's eve is the perfect opportunity!

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