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Teach In Spain Program + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion Spain
Hometown: Burbank

Hey everyone!

I'm Asha, Pronounced "Asia", like the continent. :) Im from the sunshine state of Los Angeles, CA and have been dreaming of living abroad for years now actually. I cant believe my dreams are starting to come true and I thought I'd share some of my experiences with you along the way. I hope that this blog of my stories will not only resognate with future participants of the program but also those already currently abroad. I also hope to one day connect personally with some of the pariticipants who enjoy reading or even challenging my insights. This blog is not only to document my journey through the program but to also encourage others to take a chance on what they believe in, especially in what makes them happy. I hope you enjoy coming along this journey with me and I hope to hear about yours too!


Life in Spain- Identifying as a Black Queen

By Asha S.

Hey everyone, Its been a while since my last post but I havent forgot about all my wonderful readers and this time I wanted to do a special post! After... keep reading

Transitioning out of honeymoon phase?

By Asha S.

Hey everyone! Its been a busy few weeks and so much to tell. LIVING TRANSITION: I've officially moved into my new apartment and love the space. Its a beautiful 3... keep reading

Madrid to Toledo

By Asha S.

All I can say is WOW! After spending a few weeks in Madrid, some new friends and I decided that it was time for a change and so we planned... keep reading

Touchdown in Spain

By Asha S.

Hey all! I cant believe that I've finally made it to Madrid! Ive been hear a week now and there's so much thats happened in this week that I'm having... keep reading

Ready for Goodbye

By Asha S.

Wow, Only 3 days to departure for Madrid and what a busy few days it's been. My last day of work was last Friday and the bittersweet emotions are flowing... keep reading

Pre-departure Meet and Greet

By Asha S.

So what's the scoop with meeting people before the program? If you can, do it and heres why! So peeps, I was wondering the same thing. It was great that... keep reading

Clases de Espanol!

By Asha S.

Hey CIEE family. I received an email this week giving me much more information on my 4 week immersion program. I can’t believe that my departure is approaching so quickly... keep reading

Reasons I chose 4 week Immersion

By Asha S.

Hey CIEE family, Im so excited to be taking you along my journey to Spain for the CIEE 4 week immersion program. Ill be showing you the program through my... keep reading

Saving for Spain

By Asha S.

We all know that money doesnt grow on tress ladies and gentlemen. So of course deciding to join the CIEE program right after coming out of a pandemic and not... keep reading

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