Ready for Goodbye

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Teach In Spain Program + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion

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Asha S.


Only 3 days to departure for Madrid and what a busy few days it's been. My last day of work was last Friday and the bittersweet emotions are flowing. Haha. The pressure to cross my T's and dot my I's have settled in. Although my preparation for this trip has been methodically thought out, one still can't shack the fact that this is all very new and that you can still miss something very important.

I've always been a make a list, post it notes, saved tabs and motivational stickers kind of gal, and I've found that these same methods, well maybe not the stickers, but everything else have helped me make sure I don't wreck my brain with unnecessary worry because I've already written down my list of needs. It's also nice that many of the other teachers are sharing their lists so I get to compare any last minute items that I may need. Im nervous for the journey ahead, especially dealing with the transition into housing, a new phone and not knowing the language but im hopeful and know that this will only be a great experience for me. 

The biggest push of encouragement I received this week came from my going away party. Having a final whoorah with my friends and family was exactly what I needed to feel like everything would be okay and that again, I was making the best decision for myself. It was nice to finally slow down after work was done and appreciate all of the many faces that helped bring me to this moment. As I hang in NY with my dog, waiting to take my final departure to Madrid, im thinking to myself, I am truly appreciative and grateful for absolutely everything and everyone.

Adios Bitchachos. I'm ready for my new life. 

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