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Asha S.

We all know that money doesnt grow on tress ladies and gentlemen. So of course deciding to join the CIEE program right after coming out of a pandemic and not exactly working the most lucrative job was a tough decision to make on my finances. I would get asked the question by friends and family as to why I chose the CIEE program over other programs and how I would pay for the programs costs? After all, It was much more than other programs I looked into but I would explain to them that I knew it was the program for me. So, I had to brainstorm and make some changes to make this a reality and ill share these ideas with you so that you too can study or teach abroad as well. 

1. CUT BACK EXPENSES/SAVE: I moved back in with family during the pandemic which was a rough decision but it allowed me to saved a ton of money on bills and paying someone to walk my dog since they love helping out. 

I also saved a lot of my unemployment money. Once I started working again I'd save any extra money after bills to my program. The point is, if you want it, make the sacrifice to get it. 

2. CROWDFUND: I started a Gofundme account and shared it with friends and family. I was able to recoup about $2,000 of my program cost through my Gofundme, Zelle and Venmo. You'd be surprised how many people want to help. You can even do a bake sale, car wash or whatever works for your community that would incentivize them to contribute to your goal. Put yourself out there and just ask. 

3. INVEST: If you have a little extra time before you want to start your program, maybe consider starting an investment account and play with the stock market. Im not an expert and you shoudl always so your research but investing could be a good way to earn funds for your program. 

So that's my wrap and I hope this helps. Good luck on your savings journey and send me your go fund me (insta- @ashaswan) when you get to it. I'd be happy to contribute to it if I can, even if a small amount. ☺️

- The Social Swan

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