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Teach In Spain Program + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion

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Asha S.

Hey CIEE family.

I received an email this week giving me much more information on my 4 week immersion program. I can’t believe that my departure is approaching so quickly. We’re about a month and a half out from departure which I feel was great timing to send out more information that the teachers have been eager for. It still doesn’t state where exactly we’ll be for our hotel and home stay but it’s so much more reassuring having a timeline of all or checkin and check out dates. They even sent a reminder of your home stay preferences and give you an option to revise them if needed before you arrive. 

What I’m most excited for are the Spanish lessons. The program says it includes 2.5 hours of Spanish lessons Monday through Friday for the full month. We'll be placed in a morning class or an evening class. This should still leave plenty of time to search for an apartment too I’m sure. I had to fill out an initial written placement test and then ill have an oral placement test once I arrive. The written exam was a bit challenging for me since I'm still fairly new to spanish. Ill probably be a little nervous but still ready to give it my best. The written test gave me some more ideas of what to study as well.  

-The Social Swan