Madrid to Toledo

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Asha S.

All I can say is WOW! 

After spending a few weeks in Madrid, some new friends and I decided that it was time for a change and so we planned a short trip to Toledo and well, Toledo turned out to be an absolute dream! Toledo is one of those places that looks like it was painted from a fairytale. Exactly what you would want or expect a cute, small European town to look like. We were a group of 6, and half of us took the renfe train, and the other half took the bus there. I was a part of the renfe crew and can say that I truly enjoyed my short yet picturesque train ride, watching acres and acres of beautiful lush land pass by my window as I slowly drifed off to sneak in a quick nap. The train was only 30 minutes but worth getting there sooner to check in and start hitting the town. Throughout our trip we saw amazing orange and red sunsets hovering over ancient castles and cathederals surrounded by water. We walked the cobblestoned streets lined with shops, ate delicious food, made a visit to the famous Grecco museum and took in the views all around town during our tram tour. The homes and streets were structered differently from Madrid and the pace was much slower at night which I didnt mind. After a long day of walking the city, partaking in an evening glass of wine during sunset at a Terrace lounge was enough to complete my night. It only made it that much better when we realized that the park next to ou Airbnb had an open concert and played some upbeat jams late into the night. A perfect transition into our last night there until we said our final goodbyes Sunday morning. It was a short trip yet simple and magical and exactly what I needed to get my European travels started for the year. 

- The Social Swan