Transitioning out of honeymoon phase?

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Asha S.

Hey everyone!

Its been a busy few weeks and so much to tell. 

LIVING TRANSITION: I've officially moved into my new apartment and love the space. Its a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath in the Canillejas area. I have the master suite in our place with the private bathroom which I truly enjoy and makes me feel more at home and secluded which is appreciated. Super bonus that my bathroom has a deep tub for nights of pampering myself because thats always a must in my life. My roommates are nice, my landlord is responsive to anyting we need and although the location is off the more walked path of Madrid's city center, I admire the suburban charm. The eldery people strolling past the park and the way the neighborhood actually sleeps. My host mom was absolutely amazing and I do miss seeing her sometimes but its nice to have my own space again. 

WORK: I work at an Elementary school in Alcala de Henares teaching 1st and 2nd graders. Ive never taught before yet along children. Im glad to have the younger ones first to get started. Its basic entry level english and we do some singing, dancing, and other fun activities to get them more involved with learning. I wish my spanish classes were like that but of course thats only in my dreams. Im having fun and the time seems to go by pretty fast. I also love that my school provides a snack for us during lunch break which saves me money. Woot woot. 

TRAVELING: Im still on my traveling bug and just returned from visting Portugal. Its a beautiful place and cant wait to visit again. I cant believe that I'm neighbors with PORTUGAL now! Just a crazy realization to be here in Spain full time and traveling to these beautiful countries that are short drive or train ride away. We traveled to Porto and Lisbon over a total of 3 nights and I had the best time. The sights, the food, the hospitality, just all of it, WOW! I had such a good trip that I've officially booked another trip with the same company, City Life Madrid, for Morocco in December. They are a great resource for transitioning to Madrid and knowing everything there is about it. I'd recommend their services.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Its been great getting to know knew people in Spain. So many other people are here from other countries as an Auxiliar from CIEE or another program or studying here for their masters program. Some are just here for a sememster and leave next Janurary but everyone is here to have a good time and Ive only come across good people really. I enjoy the easy culture of making new friends but I do miss my friends and family back home. I dont plan to visit home for the holidays this year in case its my only year here and therefore it will be a little bit before I see certain people in my life that I care about, especially my dog Charlie. I miss him terribly, but this year is for me and I will continue to remind myself of that as I continue my journey. 

OVERALL EXPEREINCE: Im having a ball out here and doign everything I planned and its only been a little over a month. I have no complaints and all parts of the process have been smooth for me. Others in the program may have a different outlook on it but as for me, everything is peachy and I'm seeing things through rose colored glasses. :) I'm not completely out of the honeymoon phase just yet. May the fun continue.

-The Social Swan