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CIEE Global Institutes provide students with unmatched opportunities to study and embrace different languages, customs and cultures in some of the world’s most amazing cities – London, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, and Cape Town.

Explore our Global Institutes:


Berlin is the city of reinvention and serves as one of Europe’s leading centers for business, science and education.

Cape Town

Cape Town is the economic center of sub-Saharan Africa and functions as a vibrant center for studies in multiculturalism, business, sustainability, and political science.


London is the leading destination for study abroad students and operates as a global crossroads for business, science, education, art, theatre, technology, public health and public policy.


Madrid is the capital of the Kingdom of Spain, the third largest city in the European Union, home to world famous football clubs, and is considered the major financial center of Southern Europe.


Paris is the capital of France and recognized as a global center for art, business, fashion, food, film, domestic and international politics, and of course, wine and cheese.


Rome is the capital of Italy and is considered one of the incubators of Western Civilization while it functions today as a premier center of European art, architecture, cuisine, fashion, business and politics.


CIEE Global Institutes = Global Quad

A Custom Study Abroad Experience YOU Create

CIEE’s Global Institutes, located in six major international cities, provide students with a network of study abroad opportunities with course offerings coordinated to enable you to study in one location or multiple locations, in the same way you study on your home campus in one or in multiple buildings in the campus quad.

Each Global Institute offers a number of courses across five academic disciplines, offered in six week blocks.  This Open Campus Academic Model allows you to study in one location for a full semester, or create a custom, comparable study abroad experience that takes you to up to three international cities in CIEE’s Global Quad.

How Do I Create My Custom Study Program?

  1. Choose your location or locations (choose from six international cities), academic track, length of stay (6, 12 or 18 weeks).
  2. Decide if you want to pursue an academic project like an internship, service learning or research project.
  3. Consider applying for financial aid, a scholarship or a travel grant (CIEE awards over $6 million in financial aid each year.)

What is the Open Campus Advantage?

  • You study abroad in one, two or three leading international cities.
  • You meet requirements for your academic major or minor by taking classes in:
    1. Business
    2. Communications, Journalism and New Media
    3. Global and Community Health
    4. International Relations and Political Science
    5. Language, Literature and Culture
  • You participate in both study tours and cultural excursions.
  • You can pursue an academic project like an internship, service learning or research project.
  • You study in the heart of the city and live in international residence halls, apartments or home stays.

When Can I Study Abroad at CIEE’s Global Institutes?

Regardless of your school’s academic calendar our sequential block system is flexible letting you study in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome & Cape Town.

  • January Sessions: 3½-weeks
  • Spring and Fall Semester Programs: 6, 12 or 18 weeks; can be in one or up to three unique locations
  • Summer Sessions: 4, 8 or 12 weeks; in one or more locations

Sample Custom Programs at CIEE’s Global Institutes

  1. 18 Weeks in London
    1. Block 1 – Two Courses, 6 Credits
    2. Block 2 – Two Courses, 6 Credits
    3. Block 3 – Internship & One Course, 6 Credits
  2. 12 Weeks in Berlin, 6 Weeks in Cape Town
    1. Block 1 – Two Courses, 6 Credits
    2. Block 2 – Service Learning Project & One Course, 6 Credits
    3. Block 3 – Two Courses, 6 Credits
  3. 6 Weeks in Madrid, 6 Weeks In Paris, 6 Weeks in Rome
    1. Block 1 – Two Courses, 6 Credits
    2. Block 2 – Two Courses, 6 Credits
    3. Block 3 – Two Courses, 6 Credits

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