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Exceptional, Affordable Study Abroad

Introduce your students to the world's highest-rated study abroad program.

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The Open Campus Block Program

Building a pathway from your campus quad to our global quad for the most exceptional and affordable study abroad experience. 

CIEE’s Open Campus Block program is a consistent, comprehensive, integrated network of block programs spanning 20 global cities and the fastest-growing study abroad program in the world. This academically-rigorous program gives students the flexibility and affordability to design their own study abroad term by enrolling in up to three consecutive six-week Open Campus Program Blocks in one epic term. Because each location in the Open Campus Block Network operates on the same schedule and is aligned with the U.S. academic calendar, students move seamlessly between locations for a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to their individual interests and academic requirements.

In 400+ courses that meet graduation requirements offered in English across all high-demand areas of study, students learn from faculty highly skilled in advanced teaching and technology pedagogy for the ultimate academic and intercultural experience. All coursework is augmented with co-curricular activities, study tours, and optional experiential learning opportunities – including internships, independent research, service-learning, volunteer work, and more – to enhance classroom learning and increase cultural immersion.

Students seeking deep immersion may choose to enroll in three consecutive six-week Open Campus Blocks at one location within the network. Students seeking a rich comparative-learning experience may decide to study at a different location within the network during each six-week block.

Open Campus Program Unpacked

Comparative Learning at its Finest

With CIEE's Open Campus Block program, students who want to study in more than one location are limited only by their imagination. Because each site operates on the same schedule and offers the same seven academic tracks, students can move seamlessly between locations for a one-of-a-kind comparative learning experience.

Faculty Spotlight

Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray
Business, Berlin

Stephen received his B.A. in History from the University of Virginia and his MBA from Harvard Business School. His experience includes strategy consultation, Silicon Valley startups, and Banking in San Francisco and London. He currently leads a small startup and serves on the board of a not-for-profit in higher education.

“I could not recommend Dr. Murray enough, he is one of the best and kindest instructors that I have ever had. His knowledge is vast, and he clearly has expertise in the topics of the class. He also was excellent at conveying the lessons and knowledge to the students.”

Ava Ayala Rosenbaum

Ava Ayala Rosenbaum
International Relations & Political Science, Madrid

Ava received her B.S. from Brown University where she was a CASA Historical Memory Fellow, and earned her M.S. from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. As a dual American-Spanish citizen, she strives to empower students to explore diverse perspectives. She fosters an interdisciplinary and discussion-based pedagogical approach in her classes.

“She was really cool and open, and was clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about Spain and education.” 

Hector Castaneda-Langlois

Hector Castaneda-Langlois
Global and Community Health, Monteverde

Hector Castaneda-Langlois is a Salvadoran-Costa Rican Professional focused on forest conservation and sustainable development in the tropics. He studied forestry at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and completed his Master’s degree in Tropical Conservation and Development at the University of Florida through the Fulbright Fellowship program. He later completed his PhD at the same university, focusing on Land Use and Land Cover Change. Since then he has also obtained a certificate in Tropical Forest Restoration from Duke University’s ELTI Program.

“Hector Castaneda is one of the most engaging, informed, and insightful professors I've had. He cares about his work and his passion is infectious. Wish I had more time to take classes with this professor.”