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Seville, Spain
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina


Lisbon, Portugal

By Payton F.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Lisbon (or Lisboa in Spanish) with CIEE for a weekend excursion. It was a three day trip, and a great way to... keep reading

Spring Break Part Three: France

By Payton F.

Although Italy was the highlight of the tour I went on, I also really liked the parts of France that I saw. Since the trip left from Paris, and I... keep reading

Spring Break Part Two: Italy

By Payton F.

Welcome to Italia! (Country names are pretty easy to remember in Spanish - they are basically the same in English!) For our first day in Italy, we didn't have a... keep reading

Spring Break Part One: Switzerland

By Payton F.

Back from Spring Break already! Honestly, it was a great experience and one that I am looking forward to sharing. I am going to be splitting my trip into three... keep reading

The Struggles of Organizing Travel and How to Avoid Them

By Payton F.

So... First things first: spring break comes a lot quicker than you expect. And it also requires a lot more organization than you probably think. Because CIEE doesn't plan anything... keep reading


By Payton F.

Hola, and welcome to a new place in Spain! Last Saturday we went on our first of a few CIEE weekend trips; the first one being to Córdoba. This lovely... keep reading

Cathedral of Seville

By Payton F.

One of the prettiest views so far has been the Catedral, which we went on a tour of. Both the inside and outside are gorgeous, and it was really interesting... keep reading

A Brief Intro

By Payton F.

Hello and welcome to my blog about Seville! My name is Payton! I'm actually still a highschool student, but I'm finished will all my classes and am graduating when I... keep reading

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