A Brief Intro

Authored By:

Payton F.

Hello and welcome to my blog about Seville!


My name is Payton!  I'm actually still a highschool student, but I'm finished will all my classes and am graduating when I get back home.  Still have till April before then, though!

I love traveling, although I've never been outside of the United States, which is part of why I decided to do this program.  I also really want to learn Spanish (duh?) so taking language classes and staying with a host family made perfect sense to me.  That is one thing CIEE did totally right - I absolutely love my host family!  I've got three sisters, only one of whom lives at home, and then a retired mom and dad.  I also am writing this post while sitting on my bed with the family dog, Grey (yes, Grey in english). 

Photo for blog post A Brief Intro

Here's a picture of him on the roof.  Side note: most families won't have dryers, so all clothing gets hung after being washed.  It was an interesting adjustment...

So far, its been about a week since arriving in Seville.  Unlike most people, I got here a little early to explore the city with my dad, which was super fun.  It also meant he could meet my host family, which has made my parents feel a lot better about me living in a completely different country!  Overall, everything has gone well and I'm excited to have more to post about!