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  • Pre Departure part I
    By Maria Luisa H.
    I remember when last Fall as a Senior the opportunity of taking a Gap Year knocked on my door. At first, I didn't even consider it as an option because...keep reading
    Writing a Book
    By Anne Jiang at CIEE
    Almost a month has gone by since I arrived in Rabat and, frankly, I am still waiting for the city to feel like home. Balancing four classes, two internships, language...keep reading
  • Visiting an Old Friend
    By Reed F.
    Two years ago I did a short exchange with a family in Southern France. Axel, a fellow young man who grew up in southern France, spent two weeks living with...keep reading
  • Settling In
    By Reed F.
    My first week in Toulouse was not the smoothest transition I’ve ever experienced. My first time walking home I got incredibly lost. I ended up walking around searching for my...keep reading

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