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  • San Luis
    By Owen R.
    Today I wanted to post a smaller blog on the city of San Luis. There are two main cities that people on the CIEE campus frequent often. They are Santa...keep reading
  • My Homestay Experience
    By Owen R.
    Adjusting to a new place and culture can be pretty jarring. One thing that can always make it easier, though, is being received with open arms by your new community...keep reading
  • Who am I?
    By Owen R.
    Hello Everyone! My name is Owen, and I will be posting blogs and updates from CIEE's Monteverde campus in Costa Rica. Before I start posting about all my adventures and...keep reading
    Update: first week
    By Victoria A.
    I would like to say I haven't been active on my log yet due to my extremely busy schedule. But to be absolutely truthful, I have been in a beautiful...keep reading

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