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By Anne Jiang at CIEE
Two weeks ago, CIEE Rabat hosted what we’ve dubbed amongst ourselves “the worldwide conference”—a gathering for CIEE directors around the globe, over a hundred in total. It goes without saying...keep reading
  • Lisbon, Portugal
    By Payton F.
    A couple of weekends ago we went to Lisbon (or Lisboa in Spanish) with CIEE for a weekend excursion. It was a three day trip, and a great way to...keep reading
    I Wrote This In The Moment
    By Nicole B.
    Le bonheur au hasard "Where's your favorite place to be?", Francis asked. [Three weeks Later] There's something fascinating about looking outside the window during long train rides. It's the thrill...keep reading
  • Spring Break Part Two: Italy
    By Payton F.
    Welcome to Italia! (Country names are pretty easy to remember in Spanish - they are basically the same in English!) For our first day in Italy, we didn't have a...keep reading

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