Application Support

If you are reading this page, chances are you have opened a CIEE Gap Year Semester or Academic Year Abroad application…. Bravo! You are one step closer to a life-changing Gap experience, and we’re excited to guide you through the application process. 

Before you dive into the detail of each application task, don’t forget: 

  • Apply by the Priority Deadline to get a $400 discount: 
    • Fall: June 1
    • Spring: October 1

All application tasks are explained below!

Starting an Application

Step 2

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Choose Your Term: Once you finalize your program country selection, review the academic term choices available (Academic Year, Fall, Spring) and make your choice. Please only apply to one term and one program. 

Click Apply Now: On the program page, click the orange Apply Now button. 

Step 3

Click to Open

Complete the Apply for CIEE Program page: A pop-out screen will appear with the following questions. Review the notes below for additional information. 

1. Type of Program: Be sure to select Gap Year Abroad. You cannot change this selection. If you want to apply for a different type of program, you will need to visit the program profile page.

2. Enter your High School: Type the full name of your high school and check to ensure the selection has the correct city of where the school is located.

  • If you have a common high school name (such as Central High School), you may need to review the options with a focus on the city name following. 
  • Try searching using one of the keywords in your school’s name. 
  • If your school is not listed: Select, “My High School is not listed” from the drop-down option. Be sure to enter the full name of your high school. 

3. Enter where you want to go. 

You will be redirected to your newly created application!

Standard Application Tasks

These tasks will be found on all CIEE applications. Click below for more information related to each task: 

Personal Details

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Please provide CIEE with your personal background such as date of birth, race/ethnicity, county of citizenship, t-shirt size, your full legal name, home/permanent address, phone number, etc. 

Gender Identity

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CIEE respects your gender identity. We will use your gender identity preferences whenever we are legally able to. In some instances, such as immigration documentation, CIEE may be required to use your sex as listed on your passport. If you have any questions, our staff are eager to discuss how we can support you! 

  • Privacy: To protect applicants’ privacy, the gender identity information is not visible to Primary Emergency Contacts through the Parent Portal. It is only visible through the student's account and to CIEE. 

Do you have a passport?

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You will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the end of your Gap Year Abroad program.

  • Traveling with a U.S. passport vs. passport issued by another country: U.S. citizenship and a U.S. passport is not required to participate in a CIEE program. However, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you will be responsible for researching your country’s requirements and obtaining a visa if necessary. 

In case of emergency

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Complete this task as soon as you open your application! This lets us know who your legal guardians are and allows them to complete key tasks like signing the Terms & Conditions or paying the application fee. 

Keep in mind the following in your selection: 

  • Primary Emergency Contact: Your primary emergency contact needs to be a parent or legal guardian. 
    • CIEE Portal Access: The primary emergency contact will have access to the CIEE legal guardian portal (this access cannot be provided to the second emergency contacts). 
    • Account Access: Having the CIEE portal in connection to your account allows them to enter the account or view information. To respect your privacy, please note that Primary Emergency Contacts CANNOT see information related to gender identity. 
  • Secondary Emergency Contact: Having a second emergency contact is required. This can be another parent/legal guardian or someone over the age of 18 that CIEE may contact throughout the application process or as an emergency contact while you are abroad. 
    • Unique Email / Phone Number: Your second emergency contact must have a different phone number and email listed from the first emergency contact. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Keep this information updated with the most current information throughout the application and acceptance process. 

Health and Wellness

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Please tell us a little about your health background, such as any medical conditions, medication you are currently taking, any allergies, or dietary restrictions. 

Health Form (for your doctor)

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Please make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. Print the health form and ask your doctor to complete it. Return the forms to CIEE by uploading them in your application. 

Mental Health History Information Required?

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Please let us know about your mental health history.  

  • If you have a current or prior history of a mental health disorder, you will be asked to complete mental health history questions AND have the person treating you (counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) complete a mental health form. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

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Please let us know your vaccination status. This is to assist CIEE in determining how best to minimize risk for all program participants and staff. Please note that it is extremely unlikely that any participant will be able to secure vaccination while on program.  

  • If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19, you will be asked to complete a Covid-19 risk waiver. 

Let’s get to know you!

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We want to learn more about your motivation to do a Gap semester or academic year abroad, why you chose your specific country, your goals, and what you hope to gain from your Gap Year Abroad experience. 

Application Fee

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Please pay the non-refundable Application Fee. We recommend making payment via credit card. The benefit is that these payments are processed immediately—as opposed to check or money order payments—which require additional mailing and processing time. Cash payments are not accepted.