GAP & HSA: palaces & gastronomy in Écija & Osuna, Sevilla

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Spanish Language & Culture

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Sergio Jimenez

Our GAP and HSA students got to visit these wonderful towns before they departed back to the States.

Ecija is known as the City of Towers. Located in the centre of Andalucia this city in Seville province has a fascinating past. Discover its Roman history, see its beautiful architecture and taste the fabulous food.

The town of Osuna is often compared to nearby Ecija, since both boast many fine baroque palaces, mansions and churches dating from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Some scenes from Series 5 of the hit American TV drama series Game of Thrones were filmed here.

In earlier times, the town first came to prominence as the Roman Urso; several bronze tablets from this period are on display in Madrid's Archaeological Museum. Roman remains include the quarry (Las Canteras), theatre and necropolis, north of the town (not open to the public, but visible from the track which continues from the Collegiata), while artefacts from the Islamic period can be found in the Archaeological Museum, in the Torre del Agua (Plaza Mayor), which itself dates from the Moorish era, as well as the remaining walls of the alcazaba (fortress).

Join me next fall on a daytrip to these stunning cities!!