Spring Break Part One: Switzerland

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Payton F.

Back from Spring Break already! 

Honestly, it was a great experience and one that I am looking forward to sharing.  I am going to be splitting my trip into three parts, one for each country.  First, I'm going to be focussing on Switzerland, because for the first day of travel my tour group went to Lucerne. 

Out of all of the places that we traveled, if I were to chose somewhere to live full-time, it would be Lucerne.  Its very pretty, has lots of shops and places to eat, and didn't have a lot of tourists when we arrived.  (In all the other places we went there were huge groups of people, and it was very important to keep a close watch on your bags).  One of my favorite parts of being there was getting to see the lake right in the middle and the mountains surrounding it. 

Photo for blog post Spring Break Part One: Switzerland

The lake was also full of swans, which was surprising and very fun.  Between that and the sunset, Lucerne was beautiful. 

Photo for blog post Spring Break Part One: Switzerland

I think this bridge is called the Kapellbrücke, and is also the oldest surviving wooden truss bridge in Europe!

One other great thing about Switzerland is that near where we arrived there was a great chocolate store.  If you visit, I highly suggest buying chocolates, either to eat or to bring home, because they are cheap and very tasty. 

Because we didn't spend a lot of time in Switzerland, I don't have a lot of information to give about visiting.  I will say that if you go, bring a jacket (common sense since its farther north than Spain), and make sure you have some time to walk around town.  I ended up walking into the middle of a festival where an entire group of people were wearing costumes and playing instruments in the middle of the downtown area! 

Overall, I highly recommend visiting.  You don't have to spend all your time worrying about whether you are getting pickpocketed, and there are plenty of areas to take great pictures!