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7 Jobs in Spain for Americans Dreaming of Living Abroad

By Kaylee S.

Sometimes in life, we are overcome with the sudden urge to just pick up and go. This could be due to a need for a fresh start, a break in... keep reading

15 Best Places to Travel in Thailand for English Teachers and Expats

By Kaylee S.

There is something to be said about a place you stopped living in almost a year ago, but continue to think about every single day. My experience as a teacher... keep reading

Thailand vs Spain: Where Is the Best Place to Teach English Abroad?

By Kaylee S.

The term best is subjective, as there is really no one way to decide how much one teach abroad destination is better than another. However, there is a way to... keep reading

Rush Alpha Gamma Apartment!

By Kaylee S.

Let’s go back to freshman year of college. You’re new to campus and feeling eager to get involved in order to find your place at your new school. Remember that... keep reading

& so the adventure... continues?

By Kaylee S.

Honey, I'm home! Well, I guess home is a relative word. When you've spread pieces of your heart in so many different places around the world, it's hard to determine... keep reading

An Accumulation of the End

By Kaylee S.

Long time no see! Since my last post about my time in quarantine at the end of February, I've been inspired to write about so many things, but have been... keep reading

Hitting Rock Bottom

By Kaylee S.

Three months into my Thailand experience, I'm totally adjusted to where I live, I have my daily routine down solid, I have amazing friends to hang out with, I'm genuinely... keep reading

Teach Abroad vs. Study Abroad

By Kaylee S.

TRUST ME! You will want to know the difference. Forget marriage, studying abroad is the ultimate honeymoon. Those of you who have done it know what I mean. You get... keep reading

Living in Thailand as an American

By Kaylee S.

When CIEE first reached out about wanting bloggers to help accumulate a series of posts on what it's like dealing with stereotypes while living abroad in relation to gender, race... keep reading

Packing Essentials

By Kaylee S.

I'm the last person who has a right to give ANY sort of packing advice. If overpacking was an olympic sport, I'd win the gold every time. If you asked... keep reading

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