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Diamond W.

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Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Diamond is a registered nurse from Philadelphia.  She is a gregarious, bibliophile, and gardener who gets bored if she's not being challenged or learning something new. Diamond enjoys listening to other people and engaging in meaningful conversations, which helps her form deep and sincere connections with the people in her life. She is rarely without a smile or her contagious laughter.


Twenty- Four Hours in Madrid

By Diamond W.

As the temperature begins to rise in Madrid, so does the number of people coming to visit this awesome city. I have had the pleasure to host and play tour... keep reading

Reverse Culture Shock

By Diamond W.

Brief return to the USA and the feelings of Reverse Culture Shock

Sunny Seville and Me.

By Diamond W.

What I did in Sevilla.

Tips on Solo Female Travel

By Diamond W.

Female travel solo smartly

Time Flies, What did I achieve?

By Diamond W.

Looking back at my first post and the goals that I had set out for myself, curious to see if after a year they were accomplished!

And The Winner Is...

By Diamond W.

Looking Back As the school year ends and the journey back home looms over my head, I’ve had some time to reminisce and ponder these past ten months. The people... keep reading

The Controversy Behind Continent's

By Diamond W.

The Shock One day I was assisting in teaching a geography class. This was a personal challenge in general because geography is my Achilles heel. Nonetheless, the teacher was in... keep reading

Culture Shocks

By Diamond W.

After living here for eight months, there are days where I feel like a local. But there are other days I feel like a long term tourist, which in a... keep reading

Idioms: It’s an Art Afterall

By Diamond W.

The exchange At my school we had the pleasure of doing an international exchange with Italian and German kids. One week, Italian kids came and were matched up with Spanish... keep reading

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