Marseille France
Burlington Vermont

Shelby C.

Teach In Spain Program Spain
Hometown: Lynnfield, Massachusetts


What I'll Miss Most About Living in Madrid

By Shelby C.

My time living in Madrid is coming to an end. With less than 40 days left, I’ve been reminiscing on the things I love most about Madrid. Living here has... keep reading

The 8 Hardest Parts About Teaching English in Madrid

By Shelby C.

Throughout the application process to teach in Madrid, I was fed the idea that teaching abroad was this picture-perfect lifestyle and that it was accessible and easy. I had done... keep reading

Is it Possible to Live off of 1000 Euros a Month? (with a Spending Chart)

By Shelby C.

After 7 months of living in Madrid, I have finally learned how to manage my money. I also learned that it IS possible to live off of your teaching stipend... keep reading

6 Things I Wish I Packed to Teach English in Madrid

By Shelby C.

Packing for your life abroad can be one of the most daunting and difficult parts of the process. Most of us are packing our entire lives into just 2 or... keep reading

Welcome to my New Life in Madrid

By Shelby C.

Hola! My name is Shelby. Welcome to my first ever blog post. I have always been dreaming of a life where I could see and explore the world. Up until... keep reading

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