What I'll Miss Most About Living in Madrid

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Shelby C.

My time living in Madrid is coming to an end. With less than 40 days left, I’ve been reminiscing on the things I love most about Madrid. Living here has taught me so much about myself and what I value, has allowed me to surround myself with people who encourage exploring, and has given me lifelong memories and friendships. I am beyond appreciative of my 9 months living in Madrid. Here are the things I’m going to miss most:

My Friends

I’ve moved many times in my life and have had many goodbyes to the people and places I love. Each one has brought sadness and fear for the future, but also so much appreciation. No goodbye has ever felt as difficult as this one. My friends here are the best thing Madrid has given me.


If you live near the center of Madrid, pretty much anything is accessible by walking. The metro is also super well-connected and easy to use.

Affordability / The Prices!

The 1000 euros earned each month takes you a lot further than it seems. Months in which I didn’t travel or have big expenses, I had money left over. It can sometimes get tight, but overall the cost of living here is significantly cheaper than in the U.S. 

Accessibility to other countries/travel opportunities

Living in Europe provides easy and affordable travel opportunities. I’ve traveled more this year than I ever have. 

Parks and Picnics

Madrid provides an abundance of outdoor spaces, such as parks and plazas and so many fountains! They're the perfect spots for picnics and watching the sunset.

Slower lifestyle

In my first months living in Madrid, the pace of life was the hardest adjustment for me. I now recognize that living here has taught me to slow down and appreciate things that I hadn’t before.


I will always be grateful for the year I’ve had in Madrid. Nos vemos pronto Madrid!