Host family

Meet Our Students

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For many CIEE High School USA students, coming to America is their first trip away from home. It’s the most exciting adventure they’ve ever had, and their enthusiasm shows!

CIEE students:

  • Represent more than 60 nationalities
  • Are ages 15-18
  • Have 3-plus years of English language study
  • Receive medical insurance through CIEE
  • Build lifelong bonds with their American siblings/host family, classmates, and community


What People are Saying

  • Gema spent her exchange year living with her host family in Oklahoma. While in America she was surprised how supportive everyone in her community was to help her live the American dream. Living in the U.S. Gema has learned, “how to trust myself and how to be more independent – now I know how to jump over the obstacles by myself and how to ask for help when I need it”.

    Gema, Spain

  • After a 16 hour plane ride to the U.S., Israrullah landed and lived in Wisconsin for his American exchange year. As a Muslim, Israrullah found that going to church with his host family helped him “understand the religious values of other people, and recognize that religious connections are a common bond between us”.

    Israrullah, Pakistan

  • Henry spent his American school year living and playing football in Texas. When he wasn’t hanging out or going to church with his host family, you could find him telling his American friends about his favorite German food – Weiner Schnitzel – or German history, cars and language. The biggest lesson he realized was he “learned something about myself every day”.

    Henry, Germany

  • Kurumi spent her life-changing exchange year in North Carolina attending high school with her new friends and basketball teammates. While she learned all about American traditions like Prom, and drive-thrus like Bojangles’, the biggest lesson she learned was that “everything about my future is up to me”!

    Kurumi, Japan