Rafi 16M Indonesia

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Host Families

Introduction Message:

To achieve my goals, it takes hard work and a high work ethic, which are deeply rooted in my personality. I love playing soccer and look forward to playing on a team in the US. I would like to learn more about american football, and volunteer, maybe as a language tutor like I do at home.


  • Soccer
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  • Swimming
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  • Science

Host Family Letter:

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, ladies and gentlemen of my future host family. One of the activities that I look forward to when I return to school is training at a football (soccer) academy with my friends. When we are selected to take part in a tournament, it is an impressive achievement for us. Soccer is one of my interests and hobbies, and I plan to develop my skills further. Additionally, my friends and I have a strong bond. We always support each other in positive things. We also understand and listen to each other's complaints, criticisms, and suggestions. Playing soccer together is one of our favorite activities to do during the holidays.

Participating in this student exchange program, I hope to try interesting things that are unique to the US. For example, watching an American football match, visiting historical places, or just jogging around while enjoying the fresh air typical of American housing. I also want to take part in several sports competitions to hone my skills in the field of sports. Additionally, I want to learn how to be more responsible and empathetic toward the surrounding environment by helping my host family. I believe that this valuable experience can only be achieved by participating in the program. Thank you for accepting me as a new member of your family while I live in America. Once again, Thanks a lot.