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Hosting Exchange Students FAQs

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This incident can be a useful cultural learning experience. Treat it as a violation of your house rules. Explain your curfew rules and why they’re important. Explain that it’s common for American parents to want to know – in advance – all the details about a student’s plans and whereabouts.

Regardless of whether students receive credit for their grades in their home country, CIEE program rules require that students maintain a C+ average or higher in each class. Any less, and they might be asked to leave. Instill a sense of pride in your student by reminding them that they represent their family and home country.

No, CIEE program rules do not allow students to visit with their family or friends during the five-month program. They may do so after January 1 if they’re participating in a 10-month program. This rule was instituted to help students adjust to their new environment and host family.

The only time a student may drive is while taking an official driver’s-ducation course during class hours with an instructor. CIEE program rules prohibit driving under any other circumstance. Violation will lead to immediate dismissal and return to their home country.

No, the host family cannot require a student to attend religious services. However, often church is a big part of the host family’s life, and it’s a nice gesture for the student to go to church at least once, in order to spend time with the family.

A good alternative if the student does not wish to attend the actual service is to suggest that they help take care of the children at church. This can help them fulfill their community-service requirement.

CIEE requires students to complete at least eight hours of community service per semester to encourage interaction, personal development and cultural exchange. Ask what they like to do, how they can give back to the community, and to reflect on what it would mean. Your Local Coordinator also can help with ideas and contacts.

No. But all host families may deduct up to $50 on their tax return for each school month a student lives with them. Host families of certain grant-program students also may get reimbursement of up to $300 per school year for incidental expenses related to the student.