Expenses & Insurance

The rewards of welcoming a CIEE exchange student into your home are intangible and priceless. Hosting is about offering warmth and friendship, and helping a young person discover a new culture. That’s why our host families willingly give of their time.

While there is no monetary compensation for being a host family, you get a tax deduction, and if you host a grant-program student, you can get reimbursed for some expenses.

Don’t worry about spending money for your student. CIEE program rules require that students supply their own funds ($150 to $250 per month) and prohibit them from borrowing money from you.

Tax Deductions

Your participation is considered a charitable contribution, and the IRS offers a $50 tax deduction for each calendar month that you host a student. If you require documentation for accounting purposes, download and complete our participation confirmation form, send it to CIEE with your return address, and we’ll validate it and return it to you.

Additional Funds for Grant Program Students

If you’re hosting a student visiting as part of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX), or Youth Exchange and Study grant programs, you qualify for a special allocation of up to $300 per student for the school year to help offset incidental costs. If the host family elects to cover costs directly related to the student, such as school fees, clothing, book bags or eyeglasses, the costs are reimbursable. Simply download, print, complete and submit the host family allowance form along with your receipts.

Grant program host family allowance form (PDF)

FLEX and YES grant-program students also receive a monthly stipend of $125 for personal expenses such as phone calls, meals, and entertainment. Help them spend wisely. This might be the first time they have so much money available, and it may be tempting to join their new friends on a shopping spree. Think of it as a teachable moment.

Insurance Coverage

CIEE has a singular focus on details, and that includes your student’s health and wellbeing. It’s something we take very seriously. After all, accidents happen. What then? All CIEE High School USA students are covered, either through CIEE or their own insurance.

The CIEE High School USA orientation folder contains insurance information. Take time to review it with your student – the American health care and insurance system can be complex. Make sure that the insurance card and student ID card are carried at all times, and keep a copy of all insurance numbers handy.

If your student seeks medical attention while on the program, notify CIEE as soon as possible: Call 1-888-268-6245, or send an email to insurance@ciee.org.