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  • Honey, I'm Home!
    By Joy D.
    What strange days we are having right now. Many states have closed schools, and students are social distancing at home with their host families. How do you deal with a...keep reading
  • Hosting Across Generations
    By Host Families at CIEE
    Hosting an exchange student impacts everyone involved for years to come after the exchange ends - it's what we call the "Lasting Impact" of exchanges. Sometimes, hosting even spans generations...keep reading
  • Adventure Rediscovered
    By Brenda S.
    When my husband and I were planning our honeymoon, we had no idea where to go. He had spent over a decade traveling the world with the Navy while I...keep reading
  • You're not Alone!
    By Joy D.
    So, you've decided to host an exchange student! Your interest may have come from friends or coworkers hosting, a newspaper article you read, a tv or radio interview with students...keep reading
  • Days Off
    By Joy D.
    Welcome to 2020! January is such a time of transition. If you are hosting a 10-month August student, you're halfway through your year. So crazy! If you've just finished your...keep reading