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  • Helping your student
    By Joy D.
    Adjusting to a new culture, a new family, and a new school can be hard. Pre-departure orientations and in-community orientations help prepare students for what they will encounter in their...keep reading
  • Settling in
    By Dolores G.
    We have just passed the 9 week mark with Alberto, our 5th exchange student. He’s settled in and other than the fact that he is perpetually late for everything (we...keep reading
  • Communication
    By Joy D.
    Congratulations on making it this far! If this is your first-time hosting, pat yourself on the back. You have taken a big step by choosing to host an exchange student...keep reading
  • Making dreams come true
    By Gilbert R.
    My name is Gil Roy. My Wife and I started to host our first exchange student in 2009. Our first student came from Moldova in September 2009. Seven months later...keep reading