Days Off

Authored By:

Joy D.

Welcome to 2020!

January is such a time of transition. If you are hosting a 10-month August student, you're halfway through your year. So crazy! If you've just finished your 5-month journey with your student, thank you so much for everything your family did with your student! If you are just starting your 5- or 10-month adventure with a January student, congratulations on your new beginning! 

Whether you have just started or are halfway through your year, a new year brings new brainstorming ideas. Holidays and teacher in-service days bring days off from school for your student and possibly work for you which may give you time to spend with your student exploring your town, neighboring towns, farther away vacations, or even staycations. 

Be sure to explore close to home options as well as the popular vacation spots. What makes your area special? Search for those unique qualities to share with your student. Making memories with your student is what counts!

  • Photo sessions with local wall murals or famous landmarks
  • Eating out at international cuisine restaurants 
  • Cooking at home for a "Taste of Culture" night
  • Parks & picnics
  • Ice cream and movie night
  • Rodeo
  • Circus
  • Roller derby
  • Roller skating 
  • Bowling 
  • Mini golf 
  • Ice skating 
  • Indoor swimming parks
  • Trampoline park 
  • Escape rooms
  • Sports teams - college or professional
  • Plays or musicals at your local community theatre
  • Local art galleries, boutiques, restaurants
  • Museums - art, science, history
  • Botanical gardens
  • Amusement parks 
  • Aquarium 
  • Zoo
  • Community service hours - food bank, nursing home visit, animal shelter, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts