Dear Host Family Letter from Johanna

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Host Families

We asked our students to write a letter and submit a photo about their host family as a part of our “Dear Host Family” contest on social media. Students were asked to write a letter to their host family, expressing how much their host family means to them and how its affected their exchange experience.

We received so many wonderful entries, and this is one of them! Meet Johanna, from Germany, and the Adams family!

Dear Adams Family,

Six months, 28 weeks or 201 days; that's the time period I already or just spent with you all. But these numbers are nothing in comparison to the experiences we made, the conversations we had, the tears we cried and the smiles we laughed. 

If someone would have asked me a year ago where I live or where my home is, I probably would have said the small town in the north of Germany. But in the last six month something changed: I have two places where I feel like home - Germany and Louisville, Kentucky. But home is so much more than a house or a city because you all created huge memories in my mind.

I appreciate every ride you gave me, every joke you made with or about me, every hug, every single "gute Nacht", every "there's a hawk" from Jan and every time Ben is trying to have a conversation with early in the morning. 

You showed me many parts of your world, places all over America like New Orleans, Austin, Asheville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chapin or Lexington but also the most beautiful part: your family. Two host brothers were given to me and even though I lost a lot of sleep because of Hampton playing the trumpet and Sam singing in the shower, I see you both as a gift. Knowing that Sam faced the same challenges last year in Germany as I do right now gives me safety and I really enjoy you telling me all about the stories you made. 

I know I can build on you both anytime; whether it is a serious advice, a simple walk in the park or pool game in the basement.

Even though I will leave in June, you all will always be a part of a changing lifetime experience. Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your family.


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