Honey, I'm Home!

Authored By:

Joy D.

What strange days we are having right now. Many states have closed schools, and students are social distancing at home with their host families. How do you deal with a teenager who must stay at home? Can they still complete their community services hours? We have very enterprising exchange students, so utilize their skills! Have them try: 

  • Short videos everyday/every other day to explain something new about their country and culture
  • Facebook live videos explaining what it means to be an exchange student
  • Online country presentations with a nursing home, their high school's classes that are now online, and/or their local library's Facebook page

Keep your students occupied and engaged. Help them pass the time, perhaps find some new host families, and get community service hours at the same time!

Social distancing together? What can you do as a family together? Local coordinators have brainstormed to come up with different ideas to try:

  • Watch movies and tv shows - especially foreign ones!
  • Cook favorite dishes and desserts
  • Family picnic in the backyard
  • Play boardgames
  • Put together puzzles
  • Paint rocks
  • Write thank you letters to teachers and local coordinators
  • Help clean rooms
  • Dance parties
  • Karaoke
  • Water balloon fight in the backyard
  • Read books with younger host siblings
  • Make flashcards with English/foreign language words to learn