Dear Host Family Letter from Daiana

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Host Families

We asked our students to write a letter and submit a photo about their host family as a part of our “Dear Host Family” contest on social media. Students were asked to write a letter to their host family, expressing how much their host family means to them and how its affected their exchange experience.

We received so many wonderful entries, and this is one of them! Meet Daiana, from Kyrgyzstan, and her host family, the Costons!

Before I came to America I worried about my host family. But I was lucky that the Costons family has hosted me!

There are eight people in my host family: Micah and Verlena are my parents, Jolyssa, Jerrica and Leyna are my sisters, Joel and Juda are my brothers, and me. You probably think: that's a lot of people and noise. Yes, you are right! But this noise, laugh, joy and vanity make our family so special, and I enjoy it! My host parents are responsible, kind, energetic and honest people. If I have a problem, they are always ready to help me, they support me and take good care of me. And I am thankful for this to them and I value it! My host dad is very smart, and he honestly has an exceptional sense of humor. People are never bored with him. My host mom is very kind-hearted, and she has a beautiful smile! Verlena always has everything planned in her calendar. She is the person who never forgets other people's birthdays. My siblings and I are responsible for keeping the house clean. We certainly sometimes like playing a nerf gun war for fun. We all love, help and support each other!

I've been staying in America for six months now. And I have already got lots of fun, unforgettable memories. One of my favorite memories with my host family is this Christmas. It was truly a magic holiday! We decorated our house from head to toe. I have never seen so many Christmas trees and decorations in one house before! My host sister Jolyssa made a Christmas stocking for me! And on Christmas Eve, there were eight stockings hanging on the stair case waiting for sweets. We got plenty of dinners, where I have met relatives and friends of my host family. I have two host grandmothers and two host grandfathers. And I am so thankful to them all for treating me as if I was their true granddaughter! You can't even image how big and nice my host family is! On Christmas Eve my host family told me, that they were thinking and praying a lot, when they wanted to host me. They were scared, what if I would not understand their religion, would not get used to them? But everything turned out nice, and we understand each other very well!

My host family participates in different volunteering activities and helps people in need. I have learned that their work inspires me, and I really want to improve our society too.

I will miss my American family a lot! I got used to them, and they have become a part of my life, my family. They all are making my exchange year so exciting and unforgettable, and I'm so thankful to them for this. I will miss so much from what I have experienced during my stay in America! This is one of the best things that have ever happened to me in my life!

You can have this experience, too! If you are interested in becoming a CIEE host famiy, click here to create an account and start an application!